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05/30 to 06/18

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps


105% Growth

Routenplaner mit mehrere Adressen. Gratis Routenoptimierung, sortiert Zielorten in schnellste Reihenfolge. Zeit und Geld sparen.

1,983 Users

#2 IP4 Calculator

104% Growth

Find info about the any IP Address and it's subnet.

2,717 Users

#3 Builder.CSS

103% Growth

Online CSS optimizer, minifier and merger using the new HTML5 file API

913 Users

#4 AppAware

102% Growth

You don't have to search for apps. The best Android apps and games will come to you!

573 Users

#5 HTML5 Supported?

101% Growth

Detect support for HTML5 features like Canvas, Border Radius, CSS Animations & Transforms, 3D & WebGL, LocalStore and many more

4,053 Users

#6 Organizze

101% Growth

Gerenciador financeiro fácil de usar e seguro

15,526 Users

#7 GitHub Launch

101% Growth

Access GitHub from a single search box supercharged with command-line power.

4,711 Users

#8 Free Hosting No Ads

101% Growth

Free Web Hosting with no forced ads

970 Users

#9 Beagle Term

101% Growth

Beagle Term is serial terminal emulator based on Google Chrome.

6,811 Users

#10 Pixelis Maps

100% Growth

Encuentra y comparte coordenadas GPS en distintos formatos y las coordenadas de tu posición actual de forma rápida y fácil.

6,470 Users

#11 Pro JSONLint

100% Growth

The Pro Version of the popular JSONLint

741 Users

#12 Gleasy????

100% Growth


873 Users

#13 openLRSng - Configurator

100% Growth

Cool crossplatform Configurator GUI for openLRSng project

6,470 Users

#14 JSON Table Editor

99% Growth

Edit JSON using Grid/Table interface

4,307 Users

#15 SiteMap XML Software

99% Growth

Run SiteMap XML to create a free static site map for your web site, or register to build unlimited dynamic site maps.

1,860 Users

#16 <Vanadius /> HTML5 Web Editor Online

99% Growth

Edit your HTML5, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP webpages from your favourite browser.

4,668 Users

#17 All Cheat Sheets

99% Growth

Collecting All The Cheat Sheets

25,900 Users

#18 RegEx Builder

99% Growth

Compose an english sentence and I'll translate it to a RegEx

791 Users

#19 Teleando

98% Growth

[mihoy apps] es un sal..n recreativo virtual en el quepodr..s buscar, ver TV, encontrar programas y pel..culas...

6,942 Users

#20 Compass SCSS Editor

98% Growth

SCSS, SASS, and HAML playground with syntax highlighting, CSS property auto-complete, and instant preview

1,920 Users

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