Best Chrome Apps

05/21 to 05/28

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 openLRSng - Configurator

108% Growth

Cool crossplatform Configurator GUI for openLRSng project

6,011 Users

#2 Coffee

104% Growth

A light editor for CoffeeScript!

633 Users

#3 1Web Developer Suite by Devictio

104% Growth

Tools for the creation of website

789 Users

#4 Flickrlight

104% Growth

Flickr meets Silverlight!

27,031 Users

#5 OOXML Tools

103% Growth

This extention unzips and shows the contents of the OOXML file

2,190 Users

#6 RegexReplace

103% Growth

Test your regex and replace as well

612 Users

#7 Admin Tools

103% Growth

Blacklist check, MX Lookup, DNS Lookup, Whois and other webtools for administrators

967 Users

#8 India Online

103% Growth

Easily access all Indian Government departments and offices

1,023 Users

#9 Spotiseek

103% Growth

Spotiseek helps you find new Spotify music. Find music similar to your favourite artists and create mixtape playlists for Spotif

850 Users

#10 Skulpt Interpreter

102% Growth

Run python scripts in your browser. Offline!

1,208 Users

#11 Nextiva

102% Growth

Small business VoIP phone systems, PBX SIP trunking and online fax services.

533 Users

#12 Baseflight - Configurator

102% Growth

Cool crossplatform configurator

32,923 Users

#13 SolidWorks, Inventor & Rhino Web Viewer

102% Growth

View your designs of Rhino, Inventor & SolidWorks online

5,087 Users

#14 Let It Cast

102% Growth

Let It Cast allows actors to submit video auditions to castingcalls.

643 Users

#15 Beagle Term

102% Growth

Beagle Term is serial terminal emulator based on Google Chrome.

4,401 Users

#16 Mongo Live

102% Growth

An extension that allows you to view live/real-time MongoDB stats via the REST API.

2,780 Users

#17 CmonSite - Créer un site gratuit

101% Growth

Créez simplement un site internet ou une boutique en ligne gratuitement en 2 min ! Aucune compétence requise, hébergement incl

1,761 Users

#18 Gartic Drawing Game

101% Growth

Web-based drawing game. The purpose of the game is to score points by guessing what the other player has drawn.

626 Users

#19 RegX

101% Growth

A lightweight and speedy regular expression tool that focuses on user experience and highlights replacements.

2,584 Users

#20 SP Backlink Manager

101% Growth

The backlink manager enables you to manage your backlinks quickly and easily. Includes backlink check and contact finder.

712 Users

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