Best Chrome Apps

03/30 to 03/31

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 The Brain Shaker

105% Growth

The Brain Shaker : A Powerfull and Free Brainstorming Tool !

1,254 Users

#2 Web App Iconifier

104% Growth

Web App Iconifier helps you to create a hosted app for Google Chrome Webstore. Just edit its details, upload your web app icon,…

529 Users

#3 Let It Cast

103% Growth

Let It Cast allows actors to submit video auditions to castingcalls.

653 Users

#4 Spotiseek

103% Growth

Spotiseek helps you find new Spotify music. Find music similar to your favourite artists and create mixtape playlists for Spotif

903 Users

#5 Cody

103% Growth

Test HTML and CSS codesnippets dynamically inside your browser

2,148 Users

#6 Indite

103% Growth

Indite is a spatial text editor to help you put your next masterpiece together

757 Users

#7 IC3D Editor

103% Growth

A easy and intuitive online tool to create 3D worlds maps for your games

638 Users

#8 Vitalist

102% Growth

Vitalist GTD is an online task manager designed for the Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity system by David Allen.

560 Users

#9 Notebox - Design feedback tool

102% Growth

A design and concept feedback tool that helps designers get feedback on their designs in a simple, flickr style, client-friendly

996 Users

#10 Nextiva

102% Growth

Small business VoIP phone systems, PBX SIP trunking and online fax services.

586 Users

#11 Poster Creator

102% Growth

created by BullyingUK, make a free Anti-bullying poster for your community & Facebook page.

2,564 Users

#12 Babycad Booth Designer

102% Growth

Easy drag-and-drop trade show booth designer

987 Users

#13 Builder.CSS

102% Growth

Online CSS optimizer, minifier and merger using the new HTML5 file API

848 Users

#14 CRM

102% Growth

Manage your customers and automatic marketing system. Contact management, autoresponders, email marketing, email blasts, andmore

567 Users

#15 Codec Dictionary

102% Growth

Browse the CODEC terms and defintions. Geeks only.

1,344 Users

#16 PHP Quizzes

102% Growth

Test your PHP knowledge and get ready for your Zend Certification exam with our series of quizzes.

1,282 Users

#17 Porteño Spanish - Learn Argentina Slang

102% Growth

Dictionary and flashcards for learning Argentina slang. WARNING: Some words are not abuela-friendly.

613 Users

#18 PythonAnywhere

101% Growth

PythonAnywhere is a fully-featured Python programming environment that runs in a web browser, including free web app hosting.

2,906 Users

#19 cTouch external daemon

101% Growth

required for cTouch (external)

1,087 Users

#20 Radio Record Player (pop-up)

101% Growth

Opens the online player radio record.

1,493 Users

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