Best Chrome Apps

11/26 to 11/27

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 Drive Forms

105% Growth

Building formsin a desktop application can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating. Take the hard work out of making forms

5,733 Users

#2 WebTranslateIt

103% Growth

A bookmark app for

817 Users

#3 Google Tasks Offline+ (Unofficial)

103% Growth

The pro version of Google Tasks Offline. Allows you to log done tasks, have a calendar view, and changeyour background.

1,224 Users

#4 Thunder,QQDownload Files Downloader(APP)

103% Growth

Page of Thunder Express Flashget whirlwind link is automatically replaced with a real address, use your own favorite way to…

35,482 Users

#5 JSON Pretty Printer

103% Growth

Pretty Printer for JSON expression

1,077 Users

#6 Diff Tool

103% Growth

View diff and merge two files.

634 Users

#7 Best Site Navigation

103% Growth provides an easy way to surf the internet.

784 Users

#8 Little Todos

103% Growth

A simple to-do list that goes wherever you do.

929 Users

#9 Cut the Crap, Get a JOB!

102% Growth

A New Job Search Process for a New Era

714 Users

#10 ReqView Desktop

102% Growth

ReqView allows offline project stakeholders to effectively collaborate during requirements review and approval process.

1,153 Users

#11 Trial Anatomy Sprite Animator 2

102% Growth

Anatomy 2

773 Users

#12 Check It Later

102% Growth

An application that provides quick access and filtering capabilities to your list of links from

863 Users

#13 Encode Decode Base64

102% Growth

Converts from ASCII or Unicode to Base64 by encoding the text and back from Base64 to ASCII or Unicode by decoding it

1,479 Users

#14 EldonNotes

102% Growth

The ultimate note taking app.

863 Users

#15 4IKIM

102% Growth

For Integrated Knowledge and Information Management

644 Users

#16 Reel

102% Growth

Reel is a quick way to get your design ideas online and solicit feedback.

3,505 Users

#17 Localhost

102% Growth

Localhost shortcut for development

4,982 Users

#18 Enginuity Search

102% Growth

Smart link to Enginuity search engine.

691 Users

#19 Flowhub

102% Growth

Peer-to-peer full-stack visual programming for your fingers

1,276 Users

#20 FormGet - Online Contact Form Builder

102% Growth

FormGet contact form is an online form builder tool

703 Users

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