Best Chrome Apps

04/19 to 04/21

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 Flickrlight

104% Growth

Flickr meets Silverlight!

16,878 Users

#2 Wallnote

104% Growth

Simple minimalist sticky note wall with local storage.

1,502 Users

#3 PasswordCard

104% Growth

Print a credit-card sized card with random letters and numbers, letting you pick secure passwords and help you remember them saf

648 Users

#4 escrito

102% Growth

Collaborative writing with Markdown & Textile

989 Users

#5 TTS Debug

102% Growth

Tool for developers of Chrome TTS engine extensions to help them test their engines are implementing the API correctly.

521 Users

#6 Skulpt Interpreter

102% Growth

Run python scripts in your browser. Offline!

1,138 Users

#7 Let It Cast

102% Growth

Let It Cast allows actors to submit video auditions to castingcalls.

679 Users

#8 cTouch externaldaemon

102% Growth

required for cTouch (external)

1,102 Users

#9 India Online

102% Growth

Easily access all Indian Government departments and offices

1,017 Users

#10 OOXML Tools

102% Growth

This extention unzips and shows the contents of the OOXML file

2,010 Users

#11 piCSSel-art

102% Growth

Draw your pixel art in CSS

915 Users

#12 Galaxy for Chrome OS

102% Growth

The Ultimate Chrome Experience! Featuring Panels and Pinned Tabs, all for free. Galaxy, feel the Universe!

603 Users

#13 Radio Record Player (pop-up)

101% Growth

Opens the online player radio record.

1,617 Users

#14 Free Hosting No Ads

101% Growth

Free Web Hosting with no forced ads

1,002 Users

#15 Web App Iconifier

101% Growth

Web App Iconifier helps you to create a hosted app for Google Chrome Webstore. Just edit its details, upload your web app icon,…

524 Users

#16 Nextiva

101% Growth

Small business VoIP phone systems, PBX SIP trunking and online fax services.

534 Users

#17 - Mobile App Creator

101% Growth

Create your own mobile application within 5 minutes and without programming

1,077 Users

#18 Website builder -

101% Growth

Smallbusiness owners can build a website that integrates into Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Yelp, Blogspot, and more..

1,123 Users

#19 Simple In/Out

101% Growth

Easy to use digital in/out board

605 Users

#20 Safebit

101% Growth

PREVIEW VERSION - Alpha Release of SafebitSafebit is…

636 Users

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