Best Chrome Apps

03/03 to 03/04

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 smartQ

106% Growth

Web-based visual project board for tracking tickets through a multi-step process.

833 Users

#2 Crosh Window

106% Growth

You must have Secure Shell installed for this to work:…

17,450 Users

#3 Subnet Mask Calculator

105% Growth

A fast Subnet Mask Calculator. Great of IT engineers to figure out network IPs, and wildcard masks quickly

5,818 Users

#4 Inkspector

105% Growth

Inkspector saves you money on printer ink and toner! Compare prices from many online options, including Amazon, Staples and more

641 Users

#5 LaundryQueue

104% Growth

Simple resources scheduling service

737 Users

#6 Porteño Spanish - Learn Argentina Slang

104% Growth

Dictionary and flashcards for learning Argentina slang. WARNING: Some words are not abuela-friendly.

603 Users

#7 Plant Finder

103% Growth

Search our plant database using our advanced search option to find usefulgrowing tips and information for a variety of plants.

585 Users

#8 Mojo Helpdesk Launch Pad

103% Growth

With Mojo Helpdesk Launch Pad, go directly from your Chrome home tab to Mojo Helpdesk in just one click

1,513 Users

#9 aToDo

103% Growth

aToDo is a minimal ToDo list application. It works locally in your browser, no sign up/login needed.

540 Users

#10 Hosting

103% Growth

Web Hosting! A powerful cloud infrastructure that"s easy to use and always within reach. Checkout our WordPress world-class host

804 Users

#11 Testpad

103% Growth

A test planning tool with a keyboard-driven editor and mobile remote control

1,268 Users

#12 PHP Cloud Hosting

103% Growth

Easy to Start, Easy to Deploy, Easy to Scale

1,080 Users

#13 IcalledU

103% Growth

IcalledU offers you a simple, powerful and free customer call management solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

787 Users

#14 RegEx Builder

102% Growth

Compose an english sentence and I'll translate it to a RegEx

540 Users

#15 StreetsWorld

102% Growth

Streets all around the world

1,596 Users

#16 RGB to Hex

102% Growth

Convert RGB to Hex for Real-time,Fastcopy,All just for focus.

841 Users

#17 Loop Video Player

102% Growth

you can play loop between some seconds.for learn dance or language

698 Users

#18 Manula

102% Growth

Create online manuals and help files, publish them online, then analyze how your readers use them.

714 Users

#19 RegExr

102% Growth

Create and Test Regular Expressions.

1,184 Users

#20 Compass SCSS Editor

102% Growth

SCSS, SASS, and HAML playground with syntax highlighting, CSS property auto-complete, and instant preview

997 Users

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