Best Chrome Apps

09/29 to 09/30

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 Subtext Editor

107% Growth

An code editor for Chrome.

4,091 Users

#2 Zed Code Editor

104% Growth

The opiniated text and code editor

23,805 Users

#3 Jewish - Gregorian Calendar (JewishCal)

101% Growth

Browse the Jewish holidays and Shabbath times on a Gregorian calendar

1,475 Users

#4 X New Tab Page

101% Growth

X New Tab Page is an extended application of the Chrome brower which is based on HTML5. It offers several features such as speed

108,167 Users

#5 Busey Ipsum

101% Growth

The Most Sane Ipsum Generator Ever

631 Users

#6 TypeScript Editey

101% Growth

TypeScript Editor for Google Drive

738 Users

#7 GoClock

101% Growth

Online Time Tracking

634 Users

#8 WebTranslateIt

101% Growth

A bookmark app for

764 Users

#9 Tchatche (EN)

101% Growth

Chat directly with thousands of men and women near you.

1,182 Users

#10 Serial Monitor

101% Growth

Monitors your serial port and allows you to read and write to it like you could with Arduino"s IDE.

1,095 Users

#11 Constimator

101% Growth

Constimator can estimate the cost of planed building in 4 easy steps with precision +- 15%.

1,721 Users

#12 uClinics

101% Growth

Designed for doctors by doctors. Your clinic with you everywhere you go.

1,201 Users

#13 Pookatoo

101% Growth

Gothic/Vampire/Fantasy text maker

1,378 Users

#14 Ultimate Search Engine

101% Growth - an ultimate web search tool provides search results from major web engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing by one clic

1,441 Users

#15 Sociomark Beta

101% Growth

Access and organize your favourite bookmarks from the cloud without saving them on your computer

3,478 Users

#16 GOrendezvous - Online Appointments

100% Growth

Take care of your clients, we'll handle your appointments!

786 Users

#17 Web Design Project Online Marketplace

100% Growth

The largest online marketplace connecting website owners with web design and internet marketing firms

846 Users

#18 FindMe

100% Growth

Find and share your location anonymously

1,358 Users

#19 iPhone Accessories

100% Growth

Apple and iphone accessories - What's your Style

1,508 Users

#20 Digital Safe - Clic&Tag

100% Growth

Store your documents in the cloud and improve your organization.

538 Users

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