Best Chrome Apps

10/29 to 10/30

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 Wunderlist - To-do and Task list

104% Growth

Over 3.5 million people already use Wunderlist to manage tasks, to-do lists, and to get things done. Wunderlist is the best to-

494,072 Users

#2 TypeScript Editey

104% Growth

TypeScript Editor for Google Drive

777 Users

#3 Wonders of India Puzzle

104% Growth

Solve jigsaw puzzles to re-create pictures of Wonders of India and get to know these great monuments

2,087 Users

#4 Tiki-Toki Timeline Software

104% Growth

Create beautiful interactive timelines that you can share on the web

7,399 Users

#5 Ubiqway Website Checker

103% Growth

Make sure that your website meets good practices and avoids common mistakes.

1,113 Users

#6 To do list

103% Growth

This extension is used to maintain todo list for daily purpose.

1,069 Users

#7 GOrendezvous - Online Appointments

103% Growth

Take care of your clients, we'll handle your appointments!

767 Users

#8 Puresolid IDE

103% Growth

Development environment for Chrome OS and Chrome Borwser.

986 Users

#9 RegExp Tester

103% Growth

Test your regular expressions in the fly.

1,222 Users

#10 Modernizr Helper

103% Growth

Quick Search for Modernizr Tests

561 Users

#11 Convert Case

103% Growth

Easily convert text between different cases: lower case, UPPER CASE, Sentence case and Capitalized Case.

3,029 Users

#12 Url Shortener

102% Growth

Url shortener; make a long url usable.

1,218 Users

#13 Waypoint

102% Growth

The Lean and Agile project management tool.

2,086 Users

#14 TODO

102% Growth

The Cleanest TODO list ever.

740 Users

#15 Parallax Background Builder (Desktop Edition)

102% Growth

Easily create live backgrounds with parallax effect for your site/site element or WordPress theme, through a simple visual edito

1,062 Users

#16 PlaceMobility BETA

102% Growth

PlaceMobility BETA: realtime Google Streetview experiment using Google Maps JavaScript API v3 and Chrome

798 Users

#17 Free Online PDF Unlocker

102% Growth

Free Online PDF Tools: Unlock PDF Files. Enable Printing and Editing

78,104 Users

#18 DatKey - Browse Content Faster

102% Growth

DatKey helps you browse and share your favorite content

1,412 Users

#19 MuziTube Launch

102% Growth

Open your MuziTube

1,605 Users

#20 Quickfire

102% Growth

A code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript

1,118 Users

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