Best Chrome Apps

07/31 to 08/01

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

1 Pixels - Pixel Art Creator

106% Growth

Create great pixel art

5,576 Users

2 Sitedity - Portfolio Website Builder

105% Growth

With Sitedity you can present your portfolio online in your own editable website that will make your photos look amazing!

878 Users

3 Zip and send

105% Growth

Select one or many Google Docs and have it converted to PDF, Zipped up and emailed to you.

1,236 Users

4 VNC® Viewer for Google Chrome™

104% Growth

VNC® Viewer enables you to control a remote computer from within a Google Chrome web browser

407,686 Users

5 Soap

104% Growth

Soap is a tool, which allows you to preview and work with Soap UI project files straight from your browser.

981 Users

6 Postman - REST Client

104% Growth

Postman helps you be more efficient while working with APIs. Postman isFollow for updates.

487,128 Users

7 PlaceMobility BETA

104% Growth

PlaceMobility BETA: realtime Google Streetview experiment using Google Maps JavaScript API v3 and Chrome

676 Users

8 HostAdmin App

104% Growth

Saving your time when you switch domain-ip mapping (Hosts file) between different environment. Awesome host file editor !

1,586 Users

9 DatKey - Browse Content Faster

104% Growth

DatKey helps you browse and share your favorite content

1,106 Users

10 UbiqwayWebsite Checker

103% Growth

Make sure that your website meets good practices and avoids common mistakes.

1,071 Users

11 ReqView Desktop

103% Growth

ReqView allows offline project stakeholders to effectively collaborate during requirements review and approval process.

1,390 Users

12 My Grabillas History

103% Growth

My Grabillas - your screenshot and video capture history. Faster access to

627 Users

13 Caravela

103% Growth

Super fast, super easy, one-click, hosted bug tracker

610 Users

14 Done by When

103% Growth

Manage tasks. Manage expectations. Get things done with a forward-looking to-do list from Done by When.

708 Users

15 Troy

103% Growth

Test responsive web pages by the real devices' screen size.

2,503 Users

16 Pinouts

103% Growth

For all your wiring guide needs

1,164 Users

17 Codeanywhere

103% Growth

The only multi-platform cloud editor. Your code, anywhere

2,214 Users

18 RegExr

102% Growth

Create and Test Regular Expressions.

668 Users

19 Noxfox

102% Growth

Website Design

898 Users

20 ???????????????? ???????????

102% Growth

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824 Users

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