Best Chrome Apps

12/18 to 12/20

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 Pookatoo

117% Growth

Gothic/Vampire/Fantasy text maker

1,507 Users

#2 pdfPi

112% Growth

A free online PDF utility tool to stamp, merge, or split PDF files

567 Users

#3 ASCII Artist

109% Growth

Create ASCII art right in your browser!

2,531 Users

#4 Image2Base64

109% Growth

Convert image data into base64 text.

829 Users

#5 Animated Text-to-speech demo

109% Growth

An animated demo of what's possible with Chrome's text-to-speech API.

826 Users

#6 Regex Composer

109% Growth

Create your Regex from an english sentence

610 Users

#7 Virtual Pets Gadgets Monkey

108% Growth

Online Virtual Pet Games, Monkey Customizable

614 Users

#8 Set App User Agent and Run JS in webview

107% Growth

Demo showing how to run js in webview from Chrome App and how to modify user agent of Google Chrome(tm) App webview.

1,190 Users

#9 Workmate

106% Growth

A web-based project collaboration platform. Basic features: organize discussions, assign and track tasks, store files and notes.

573 Users

#10 Find SAP

106% Growth

Find SAP answers, questions, issues, and anything related to SAP faster. Work better, faster.

823 Users


106% Growth

PHP Manuals

876 Users

#12 Unicode Converter

105% Growth

Unicode Converter

711 Users

#13 Corporate Central

105% Growth

Corporate Central is a Complete Development Environment for Mobile Devices in a Browser. Nothing to Download or Install.

536 Users

#14 Weekdone Employee Status Reports

105% Growth

Hassle-free weekly employee status reports. Share key goals, accomplishments and challenges with your team.

2,104 Users

#15 Loupe Card

105% Growth

Make awesome cards for your friends that they will remember

2,810 Users

#16 Soap

105% Growth

Soap is a tool, which allows you to preview and work with Soap UI project files straight from your browser.

2,399 Users

#17 Developer Tools

105% Growth

Management toolset for developers and freelancers. Track time, write invoices, take meeting notes.

1,793 Users

#18 Simple Beep (online only)

104% Growth

This extension plays a beep at a selected interval (hourly, or every 30/20/15/10/5 minutes).

675 Users

#19 HostAdmin App

104% Growth

Saving your time when you switch domain-ip mapping (Hosts file) between different environment. Awesome host file editor !

4,993 Users

#20 TODOmd

104% Growth

TODOmd is a task manager that uses a simple text file (called to store all its data.

1,116 Users

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