Best Chrome Apps

08/30 to 09/01

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

1 Pixels - Pixel Art Creator

117% Growth

Create great pixel art

6,708 Users

2 Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer Tool

110% Growth

Develop and Debug Chrome apps.

112,654 Users

3 Tuts+ Hub

107% Growth

Link to the Tuts+ Hub

803 Users

4 RegExp Tester

106% Growth

Test your regular expressions in the fly.

838 Users

5 MySQL Console

106% Growth

This application provides you "MySQL Console" shell windows.

995 Users

6 Diff Tool

106% Growth

View diff and merge two files.

576 Users

7 Printable

106% Growth

Print Google spreadsheets on sticky notes.

951 Users

8 Pixzy

106% Growth

Take pictures with your webcam

1,764 Users

9 Workmate

105% Growth

A web-based project collaboration platform. Basic features: organize discussions, assign and track tasks, store files and notes.

564 Users

10 URL Encoder and Decoder

105% Growth

Converts characters into a format that can safely be transmitted over the internet as well as decodes them back to normal

558 Users

11 PDF 2 Image

105% Growth

Convert PDF files to Images (PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP etc..).

1,229 Users

12 scrible

105% Growth

Smarter online research.

1,530 Users

13 Testpad

104% Growth

A test planning tool with a keyboard-driven editor and mobile remote control

1,311 Users

14 Soap

104% Growth

Soap is a tool, which allows you to preview and work with Soap UI project files straight from your browser.

1,311 Users

15 Css Sprites Generator

104% Growth

Turning your webpage`s images into sprite maximizes your rendering speed drastically.

1,470 Users

16 RESTful Stress

104% Growth

Small Chrome Packaged App to stress a RESTful web service

580 Users

17 SportsTables League Manager Lite

104% Growth

SportsTables is a tournament and league table manager app. You create league tables or tournaments and keep track of the scores.

940 Users

18 YArooms

104% Growth

Meeting Room Scheduling Software

579 Users

19 MemorizeIt!

104% Growth

Keep track of your real life in real time, without interrupting it.

974 Users

20 Drum web meetings

104% Growth

Drum. Meetings made wonderful. Meet, talk and share on the Web!

570 Users

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