Best Chrome Apps

09/18 to 09/19

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 Super Neutron Drive

110% Growth

Code editor for local, cloud, and remote development

917 Users

#2 Chrome Dev Editor (developer preview)

109% Growth

Develop apps on the Chrome platform

59,612 Users

#3 PlaceMobility BETA

106% Growth

PlaceMobility BETA: realtime Google Streetview experiment using Google Maps JavaScript API v3 and Chrome

746 Users

#4 4IKIM

105% Growth

For Integrated Knowledge and Information Management

693 Users

#5 Digital Media Converter

104% Growth

he Ultimate Audio and Video Converter.

1,650 Users

#6 Data Security: Service & Tool

103% Growth

Online store of information security software to keep your secret data safe.

2,659 Users

#7 RGB to Hex

103% Growth

Convert RGB to Hex for Real-time,Fastcopy,All just for focus.

714 Users

#8 Next Bus

103% Growth

Find out when your next bus is coming in real time with this cool web app

1,665 Users

#9 YArooms

103% Growth

Meeting Room Scheduling Software

553 Users

#10 Basecamp Classic Shortcut

103% Growth

This app simply gives you quick access to your Basecamp Classic account.

951 Users

#11 Diseño Web

103% Growth

Registro de dominios y construir una web CMS por €19 al año! Su web online en 15 minutos.

845 Users

#12 Caravela

103% Growth

Super fast, super easy, one-click, hosted bug tracker

620 Users

#13 Civimi

103% Growth

Create Free and Unlimited Cloud-Based CV, Resume, and Portfolio (with PDF ready).

1,960 Users

#14 Espruino Web IDE

103% Growth

A Simple Web-Based VT100-style Serial Terminal

3,830 Users

#15 Remember It

103% Growth

Never be without your important information again!

2,827 Users

#16 Apollo project management and CRM

103% Growth

Manage your projects and your contacts

1,424 Users

#17 Chrome Apps & ExtensionsDeveloper Tool

103% Growth

Develop and Debug Chrome apps.

225,980 Users

#18 Simple Beep (online only)

102% Growth

This extension plays a beep at a selected interval (hourly, or every 30/20/15/10/5 minutes).

596 Users

#19 SportsTables League Manager Lite

102% Growth

SportsTables is a tournament and league table manager app. You create league tables or tournaments and keep track of the scores.

957 Users

#20 IcoMoon

102% Growth

Browse vector icons to download them or make a font/icon-font. You can import your own vectors too.

35,782 Users

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