Best Chrome Apps

10/24 to 10/25

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 Fiona - Sparking Together

110% Growth

Fiona is a platform for creating virtual agents with the ultimate goal of achieving artificial minds. Join us and change the wor

553 Users

#2 Tjeklist

109% Growth

For your tasks, to-dos, projects, goals and more

622 Users

#3 Tiki-Toki Timeline Software

108% Growth

Create beautiful interactive timelines that you can share on the web

7,758 Users

#4 4IKIM

108% Growth

For Integrated Knowledge and Information Management

690 Users

#5 MuziTube Launch

107% Growth

Open your MuziTube

1,536 Users

#6 HostAdmin App

106% Growth

Saving your time when you switch domain-ip mapping (Hosts file) between different environment. Awesome host file editor !

3,606 Users

#7 ReqView Desktop

106% Growth

ReqView allows offline project stakeholders to effectively collaborate during requirements review and approval process.

1,158 Users

#8 Chrome Dev Editor (developer preview)

106% Growth

Develop apps on the Chrome platform

70,227 Users

#9 Done by When

106% Growth

Manage tasks. Manage expectations. Get things done with a forward-looking to-do list from Done by When.

800 Users

#10 Citrix Receiver

105% Growth

Citrix Receiver for Chromebook

51,213 Users

#11 Methyl

105% Growth

Desktop for chrome.

1,367 Users

#12 Basecamp Classic Shortcut

105% Growth

This app simply gives you quick access to your Basecamp Classic account.

936 Users

#13 Gnaw Cookie

105% Growth

Gnaw Cookie allows you to get or set cookies easily.

1,179 Users

#14 Base64 Encoder and Decoder

104% Growth

Base64 Encode or Decode any String in One Click

558 Users

#15 My Grabillas History

104% Growth

My Grabillas - your screenshot and video capture history. Faster access to

709 Users

#16 RGB to Hex

104% Growth

Convert RGB to Hex for Real-time,Fastcopy,All just for focus.

787 Users

#17 Image2Base64

104% Growth

Convert image data into base64 text.

859 Users

#18 Find SAP

104% Growth

Find SAP answers, questions, issues, and anything related to SAP faster. Work better, faster.

872 Users

#19 Cheddar

104% Growth

Cheddar keeps your world organized. Cheddar is super simple and instantly in sync on all of your devices.

1,675 Users

#20 Doodler

104% Growth

Helps you practice your drawing skills.

925 Users

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