Best Chrome Apps

08/28 to 08/29

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

1 TypeScript Editey

107% Growth

TypeScript Editor for Google Drive

833 Users

2 Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer Tool

107% Growth

Develop and Debug Chrome apps.

96,001 Users

3 sFTP Client (FTP, SFTP,SSH Support)

106% Growth

Full FTP / SFTP offline app for Google Chrome / Chrome OS (Not Hosted).

14,403 Users

4 Caravela

105% Growth

Super fast, super easy, one-click, hosted bug tracker

627 Users

5 Codiqa Prototypes

105% Growth

Rapid Mobile Prototyping - Saves directly to Google Drive!

9,753 Users

6 Lua

104% Growth

Lua interactive shell built using Native Client

542 Users

7 WebGDBp

104% Growth

WebGDBp is a Google Chrome implementation of the gdbp protocol, allowing you to debug php code in your favourite browser.

1,037 Users

8 Repixl

104% Growth

Photo Editing & Storage with none of the fuss

1,280 Users

9 ChromeADB

104% Growth

Chrome ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Client

8,977 Users

10 GoClock

104% Growth

Online Time Tracking

560 Users

11 Printable

104% Growth

Print Google spreadsheets on sticky notes.

871 Users

12 Civimi

104% Growth

Create Free and Unlimited Cloud-Based CV, Resume, and Portfolio (with PDF ready).

1,917 Users

13 RegExp Tester

104% Growth

Test your regular expressions in the fly.

754 Users

14 Codeanywhere

104% Growth

The only multi-platform cloud editor. Your code, anywhere

5,083 Users

15 iPhone Accessories

104% Growth

Apple and iphone accessories - What's your Style

1,094 Users

16 Make Pixel Art

103% Growth

Make awesome pixelized drawings and share them with your friends

1,288 Users

17 Kamikaze Blocks

103% Growth

Launch your dynamite dudes at explosive, toxic, triple-bomb and other classified blocks to feed the creatures of the sky.

566 Users

18 scrible

103% Growth

Smarter online research.

1,484 Users

19 Aardvark Web IDE

103% Growth

Aardvark is a simpleweb development environment for html, css, and javascript, with the focuses being on ease of use, visual…

712 Users

20 Pookatoo

103% Growth

Gothic/Vampire/Fantasy text maker

1,273 Users

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