Best Chrome Apps

10/18 to 10/20

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 Tjeklist

112% Growth

For your tasks, to-dos, projects, goals and more

616 Users

#2 scrible

111% Growth

Smarter online research.

1,650 Users

#3 sFTP Client (FTP, SFTP, SSH Support)

110% Growth

Full FTP / SFTP offline app for Google Chrome / Chrome OS (Not Hosted).

21,490 Users

#4 Pixels - Pixel Art Creator

109% Growth

Create great pixel art

7,016 Users

#5 RegExp Tester

108% Growth

Test your regular expressions in the fly.

1,242 Users

#6 Nodedit

108% Growth

A thin-client web-based interactive develoment environment for interacting with remote file systems

1,146 Users


107% Growth is an online motivational tool that helps you stick to your good habits and break bad ones.

1,378 Users

#8 Regex Composer

107% Growth

Create your Regex from an english sentence

611 Users

#9 Subtext Editor

107% Growth

An code editor for Chrome.

4,569 Users

#10 HostAdmin App

106% Growth

Saving your time when you switch domain-ip mapping (Hosts file) between different environment. Awesome host file editor !

3,424 Users

#11 Virtual Pets Gadgets Monkey

106% Growth

Online Virtual Pet Games, Monkey Customizable

563 Users

#12 Corporate Central

106% Growth

Corporate Central is a Complete Development Environment for Mobile Devices in a Browser. Nothing to Download or Install.

559 Users

#13 Soap

106% Growth

Soap is a tool, which allows you to preview and work with Soap UI project files straight from your browser.

1,814 Users

#14 DHC - REST/HTTP API Client

106% Growth

Easily construct custom HTTP requests, save them permanently, take advantage of variables and contexts.

139,002 Users

#15 Tiki-Toki Timeline Software

105% Growth

Create beautiful interactive timelines that you can share on the web

8,043 Users

#16 NotebookCloud

105% Growth

An app for running IPython Notebook servers on EC2.

1,098 Users

#17 Playboard

105% Growth

Get recommended apps and games in a beautiful and personalized app guide. Playboard is your best companion for Google Play Store

675 Users

#18 SimplessusProjects

105% Growth

Modern, web-based project management software for online team collaboration.

679 Users

#19 RestEasy

105% Growth

RestEasy is a tool that is targeted against developers who perform RESTful API calls against third party services.

2,910 Users

#20 WeVideo - Video Editor and Maker

105% Growth

Online video editor: Easy. Accessible. Creative. Collaborative.

739,646 Users

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