Best Chrome Apps

08/29 to 08/30

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 Whiteboard Genie

105% Growth

Collaborate smarter

1,559 Users

#2 RegEx Builder

103% Growth

Compose an english sentence and I'll translate it to a RegEx

603 Users

#3 Compass SCSS Editor

103% Growth

SCSS, SASS, and HAML playground with syntax highlighting, CSS property auto-complete, and instant preview

1,257 Users

#4 Slappyto Basse

102% Growth


610 Users

#5 <Vanadius /> HTML5 Web Editor Online

102% Growth

Edit your HTML5, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP webpages from your favourite browser.

4,780 Users

#6 Quabel

102% Growth

Quabel is a writing app that lives in your browser. Set writing goals and focus on your writings.

1,213 Users

#7 Anagram Solver

102% Growth

Use this very fast Anagram Solver to see all the anagrams and subanagrams of your query.

920 Users

#8 Skulpt Interpreter

101% Growth

Run python scripts in your browser. Offline!

1,426 Users

#9 Un QR code sur votre CV

101% Growth

Créez facilement un QR code incluant vos infos contact puis intégrez-le ensuite sur votre CV.

605 Users

#10 Xambox

101% Growth

Outil de gestion des documents

553 Users

#11 Gleasy????

101% Growth


749 Users

#12 ???????????????? ???????????

101% Growth

????????? ??? ????????????? ???????? ????????????????? ?????? ??? ??????????? ??????-???????????? ??????? ??????????

779 Users

#13 PythonAnywhere

101% Growth

PythonAnywhere is a fully-featured Python programming environment that runs in a web browser, including free web app hosting.

2,805 Users

#14 AppAware

101% Growth

You don't have to search for apps. The best Android apps and games will come to you!

543 Users

#15 Mojo Helpdesk Launch Pad

101% Growth

With Mojo Helpdesk Launch Pad, go directly from your Chrome home tab to Mojo Helpdesk in just one click

1,174 Users

#16 cTouch external daemon

101% Growth

required for cTouch (external)

1,231 Users

#17 1Web Developer Suite by Devictio

101% Growth

Tools for the creation of website

693 Users

#18 AceProject

101% Growth

Découvrez le chargé de projet en vous avec AceProject ! Suivi de projets, tâches, documents, dépenses, et feuilles de temps.

2,653 Users

#19 Beagle Term

101% Growth

Beagle Term is serial terminal emulator based on Google Chrome.

4,866 Users

#20 Online Icon Resizer

101% Growth

This app create icons for various devices in the correct resolution (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, ...)

642 Users

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