Best Chrome Apps

11/20 to 11/21

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps


104% Growth

Derives charts from any HTML web table and provides 1-click charting.

643 Users


103% Growth

Easily construct custom HTTP requests, save them permanently, take advantage of variables and contexts.

117,493 Users

#3 Simple Beep(online only)

103% Growth

This extension plays a beep at a selected interval (hourly, or every 30/20/15/10/5 minutes).

660 Users

#4 Enginuity Search

102% Growth

Smart link to Enginuity search engine.

672 Users

#5 Doodler

102% Growth

Helps you practice your drawing skills.

906 Users

#6 Koding

102% Growth

Formerly Kodingen, Koding is an Online Development Environment including Code Editor, Hosting, Database Admin, Collaboration, &

97,477 Users

#7 Find SAP

102% Growth

Find SAP answers, questions, issues, and anything related to SAP faster. Work better, faster.

856 Users

#8 Flowhub

102% Growth

Peer-to-peer full-stack visual programming for your fingers

1,233 Users

#9 Web Server for Chrome

102% Growth

A Web Server for Chrome, serves web pages from a local folder over the network, using HTTP. Runs offline.

1,609 Users

#10 Ubiqway Website Checker

102% Growth

Make sure that your website meets good practices and avoids common mistakes.

1,165 Users

#11 Diff Tool

102% Growth

View diff and merge two files.

649 Users

#12 Scanner

102% Growth

The Scanner is a fully automated web application security testing technology available from the comfort of your browser.

1,437 Users

#13 Busey Ipsum

102% Growth

The Most Sane Ipsum Generator Ever

666 Users

#14 Super Neutron Drive

102% Growth

Code editor for local, cloud, and remote development

2,406 Users

#15 Simplessus Projects

102% Growth

Modern, web-based project management software for online team collaboration.

651 Users

#16 Sign in Blue

102% Growth

E-signatures. Simplified. Upload your documents and send them for signature in minutes.

939 Users

#17 Page Editey

101% Growth

Simple CMS for Google Drive

1,295 Users

#18 Url Shortener

101% Growth

Url shortener; make a long url usable.

1,306 Users

#19 Mobile Emulator for SAP

101% Growth

Create reports within SAP and view them as mobile applications.

2,547 Users

#20 Mytemplates

101% Growth

Work with Google documents templates

1,602 Users

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