Best Chrome Apps

01/30 to 01/31

Top 20 Best Productivity Apps

#1 Inkspector

107% Growth

Inkspector saves you money on printer ink and toner! Compare prices from many online options, including Amazon, Staples and more

685 Users

#2 Testpad

106% Growth

A test planning tool with a keyboard-driven editor and mobile remote control

1,355 Users

#3 WebMyPageUp

106% Growth

start WebMyPageUp

593 Users

#4 Busey Ipsum

106% Growth

The Most Sane Ipsum Generator Ever

751 Users

#5 IcalledU

105% Growth

IcalledU offers you a simple, powerful and free customer call management solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

818 Users

#6 4IKIM

105% Growth

For Integrated Knowledge and Information Management

670 Users

#7 Manula

105% Growth

Create online manuals and help files, publish them online, then analyze how your readers use them.

762 Users

#8 IcoMoon

105% Growth

Browse vector icons to download them or make a font/icon-font. You can import your own vectors too.

35,211 Users

#9 Hummingbird

105% Growth

Collaborative Project Management

861 Users

#10 Basecamp Classic Shortcut

105% Growth

This app simply gives you quick access to your Basecamp Classic account.

864 Users

#11 Clarizen

105% Growth

Work & Project Management

1,207 Users

#12 Ruby (IRB)

104% Growth

Ruby IRB interactive shell built with Native Client

2,199 Users

#13 Url Shortener

104% Growth

Url shortener; make a long url usable.

1,493 Users

#14 Ra

104% Growth

A text editor and file manager for your local file system.

4,060 Users

#15 RedCritter Tracker

104% Growth

Agile Project Management unlike anything you've ever experienced. Project management with Twitter-style feeds, badges and reward

880 Users

#16 Flowhub

104% Growth

Peer-to-peer full-stack visual programming for your fingers

1,526 Users

#17 RESTful Stress

104% Growth

Small Chrome Packaged App to stress a RESTful web service

701 Users

#18 Carbon

104% Growth

An awesome code editor for Chrome and ChromeOS. Perfect for coding and casual text editing.

534 Users

#19 GistBox Desktop

104% Growth

The beautiful way to organize code snippets.

2,384 Users


104% Growth

Team Collaboration Network

2,768 Users

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